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The Appalachian Forest Resource Center (AFRC) is a regional enterprise support center of the National Network of Forest Practitioners working to imrpove sustainable management and use of forest resources in the Appalachian Region.

AFRC map of economic distressAFRC works to build the capacity of small forest products businesses and forestry service providers in the region.

Services include:

- education and training services

- business consulting

- marketing support

- resource development

We focus some of our work in Central Appalachia for a variety of reasons -- we have particular expertise and experience related to the region, it is a region of exceptionally high economic distress and biodiversity, and it's where we're headquartered and have many partners and established relationships.


Web Services

We can provide a wide variety of Web Services for the people and business of the Appalachian Region. These services include Web Sites Wellness checks, Web Site design, creation and management, Search Engine Optimization, and Training of maintaining your own Web Site.

AFRC tapped for ARC Forest Assessment ARC logo

The AFRC was tapped to be a partner in a successful proposal to the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) on forest assessment. NNFP is an advisor to the project which will help inform the ARC’s forest related projects, andwill look at the various competing uses of the forest, and the market and non-market values.

Central West Virginia Wood Enterprise Cluster Pre-Feasibility Project

With the limited employment options and abundant timber resources in central West Virginia (Calhoun and surrounding counties) local residents have expressed an interest in exploring how their forests resources might be sustainably utilized to create local jobs.

GreenWood Sales Assistance

This GreenWood Sales Assistance is a non-profit project developed to assist green builders in purchasing wood products from sustainably managed forests in Appalachia. This service helps builders and architects create jobs and income in Appalachia while promoting sustainable forest management.

Appalachian Carbon Partnership

The CAFA partnership also provides carbon offsets for consumers interested in offsetting emissions from their travel, electricity use, and business activities.